Operations Engineer

The Role
We are looking to move more towards a microservices architecture and further automate our infrastructure. Jon is currently handling the lion share of this work and we now require a Linux SysAdmin to help with the increasing workload, ensuring availability and ease of scalability as needed. We maintain our own storage platform which comes with it’s own set of problems and we have a number of tasks that we would be looking to you to automate and standardise.

We own and operate all our own physical infrastructure, housed relatively locally in London, and we are solely responsible for the support and maintenance.  This includes regular racking and unracking of servers, changing disks and patching alongside other tasks. You will also have some general support responsibility to the wider business.

There may be a learning curve initially as you get used to the way we work, the tools we use currently and the tool we are adopting.  We have configuration management set up using puppet which is being migrated to ansible.  We are also doing a lot with Docker and service discovery; automating how services are discovered, presented and deployed.

What we need from you
We are looking for someone with experience supporting and running a Linux environment; you will have setup, installed and configured a Linux box – we don’t mind what flavour. You will be able to script in any language, again, we don’t mind which, but you will be able to show us an example of a script that you have written to automate a task.

Jon and the rest of the team will support your work and learning, but we expect all the motivation to come from you. We need an engineer who has a passion for technology and can show us example of learning and using new technologies in their own time to support their growth.

Our business is based around our passion for music and to thrive in this role you will have an intrinsic love of music.

What you’ll get from us
We are scaling, and to foster our expansion we are moving toward a microservices architecture using Docker. This is an exciting project for any engineer to be involved with, allowing them to work closely with Docker.

Beyond the knowledge you’ll gain from your involvement in our migration, there is immense scope for growing your strengths around Linux and scripting. We use the latest tech to automate our delivery pipeline, where you will get to learn and work with puppet and ansible. Our training policy is the best in the music industry, no question.

Ultimately, this is a relaxed workplace where music resonates in everything we do. We generally work quite autonomously, however there is always a supportive team around you as and when needed.